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MCL Photo Lab Ltd

Terms & Conditions

Placing an order forms a contract between MCL Photo Ltd ("The Lab") and the Customer and the following conditions apply:


All orders accepted whether in writing or verbally shall be treated the same and all terms and conditions still apply


The Lab reserve the right to charge for work already carried out should you decide to cancel the order.


Any Damaged prints will be sent out First class only. If you want any other method it must be paid for before the goods are sent.


We can not be held responsible for delayed or lost orders.


Damaged Orders must be reported to us within 72 hour & returned otherwise a replacement will be chargeable.


The Lab takes all precautions to protect Customers materials but only accepts orders on the understanding that their value doesn't exceed the retail price of the equivalent new unexposed material. Liability from loss or damage is limited to the replacement of the material itself. If material is deemed to be of extremely high value it must be documented in writing to us prior to the work being undertaken. The Lab will not be liable for any loss relating to delay in completion of orders, the Lab endeavours to meet delivery times given but these are only given as a guide.


It is up to the Customer to ensure there is no breach of copyright and it is understood that any work undertaken by the Lab is on the specific understanding that under the 1988 Copyright and Patent Act the customer has obtained the copyright release or license for the material and will indemnify the Lab against any breach of the law.The Customer assumes liability for any resulting violation of the copyright in any action brought by a third party. The Lab reserves the right to refuse any order for what ever reason.


The Customer shall indemnify the Lab against any action by a third party relating to damages, loss or any other claim whatsoever, arising out of the order when the Lab has followed the instructions of the Customer.


The size of prints is approximate and may occasionally be slightly under or over size.


Every effort is made to ensure colour matching between orders however the Customer must accept that without a colour guide the colours are deemed correct at the Labs discretion. If it is vital that the colour is matched the Customer must supply a colour guide prior to the work being carried out.


Prices listed are exclusive of VAT, this will be added to your invoice at the current rate. Orders under £10.00 are subject to a £1.00 handling charge. Minimum postage and packaging £3.95.


The Lab requires payment on delivery unless prior arrangements have been agreed, cheques should be made payable to MCL Photo Lab Ltd  and will need to be cleared before orders are released. MCL Photo Lab reserve the right to hold all Customers material in the event of none payment of ordered goods.