MCL Photolab Limited


About MCL Photolab

MCL Photolab is a professional Photo Laboratory based in Ardwick, Manchester.

It originally began life as Manchester Colour Laboratory Limited and was established in Stockport, Cheshire, U.K. in 1986 by Alf Coombs, FBIPP. FRPS.

We are a digital & optical laboratory specialising in - colour - black & white hand & machine printing - scanning - large format photographic & inkjet printing.

Over the years we have won many awards for our excellence in printing & finishing.

Our film processing embraces C41 - Cross process & conventional B&W film in all sizes - 35mm - 120 - 220 - 5x4 - 10x8

Our technicians specialise in the process and printing of all FUJI film types NPH - NSP - NHG - REALA - SUPERIA whilst at the same time we have kept pace with all KODAK films in general use PORTRA - HC

MCL Photolab have printed and finished many submission panels at all levels for the BIPP - MPA - RPS - Licentiate – Associate – Fellowship

FUJI Crystal Archive paper, both gloss & lustre is used in all our RA4 printing machines and a selection of different Fine Art material on our Epson 11880.

Colour process, print and scan to disc - Process only and scan to disc are produced on the our  FUJIFILM FRONTIER 350fdi whilst for larger scanned files from negative & transparency a KODAK HR500 is used Flatbed scanning to a maximum area of 18" x 12" is also available

MCL Photolab specialise in processing all B&W films - hand & machine printing NEOPAN - CN400 - XP2 - TMAX - CN - FP4 - HP5 which can all be individually processed to your requirements

Our KODAK HR500 & FUJI FRONTIER 350fdi are capable of scanning and printing from HASSELBLAD XPAN cameras

We use ADOBE Photoshop for all our restoration, retouching and image manipulation work

FUJIHUNT media in combination with the EPSON 11880 printer outputs all our large format inkjet prints and banners

For print finishing we have all the conventional print bases Cardmount - Foamboard - Foamex - MDF - Perspex